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Welcome to the Netherlands........

The reason you are looking at my site probably has to do with making an appointment to assemble and align your dish to see your favorite channels in my beautiful Netherlands.
You have come to the right place, we can do this for you.
The best for us is to communicate with WhatsApp.
Our telephone number is +31 654.66.88.44
I always respond quite quickly to this, i.e. I always ask for your address, which satellite you want to receive, and is your box still active or does it still need to be activated.
Try to answer these questions via whatsapp as soon as possible.
I will contact you the same day to make a definitive appointment for mounting your dish. We may also do cabling.
Below is a photo of the most recent providers in terms of dish.
Greetings Igor.

Please Use WhatsApp!!

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my number is:

+31 654.66.88.44

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Greetings and see you soon.